Global Freedom Project

Global Freedom Project is a 501c nonprofit that provides holistic solutions for the poorest that empower the people and simultaneously care for nature.  This is a “one man with many helpers” type organization.  It was created in 2017 by me, Roger Gietzen, after I started having success with my self funded humanitarian projects in Haiti serving some of the poorest, rural, small family farmers.  Our board of directors consists of three people, myself, Shelly Dale and Sascha Rossaint.  Today, our focus is still on Haiti and our most important project is adapting and spreading the wisdom of a regenerative farming technique known as syntropic agroforestry.

A founding principle of this organization is to make our presence obsolete as quickly as possible.  Every project we promote, is chosen, only after we are convinced that there is a realistic exit strategy that will also us to leave the people we help, stronger than when we started.  We strive to find solutions that help communities recognize and use resources that we already around them, especially natural resources.  We do this through education and through activities that require the participation of those we help.  In doing this, the people we serve are more likely to become self sustaining and to protect their natural environment.

In addition to helping provide local solutions in Haiti, we intend to share our successful projects in an open source manner, so that these solutions can be applied in other developing countries around the world.  If a project can work in one of the poorest countries in the world, there is a chance a similar approach can work elsewhere too.  That is how a small, high quality project can have a global impact, hence the name of our organization, Global Freedom Project.

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