Syntropic Farming

A type of regenerative agroforestry that works like magic.  For those who are not familiar with syntropic farming, it can be described as a way of farming that is achieved through forest mimicry.  It is beyond organic and beyond sustainable, because it can be implemented with hand tools and minimal inputs, but over time produces an abundance.  The land and soil become more fertile year after year by integrating trees on the farmland.  What is most valuable, is that once the farmer understands the principles behind this approach, it is highly versatile.  A farm system can be designed which will supply food, timber, animal fodder and other natural resources.  Check out this short video which gives a great overview of the method and the man behind it:  Life in Syntropy.  And check out this short video created by an attendee at our recent workshop:  Syntropic training in Haiti  If you want to learn more, download the free guidebook, Abundance Agroforestry, available in 5 different languages from the resources page!  Or read this article about how it has been proven to prevent what was thought to be an incurable disease, Citrus Greening Disease.

Global Freedom Project intends to spread this wisdom in Haiti through the combination of demo farms, practical workshops, educational materials and most importantly be enabling those Haitians who show initiative and a willingness to learn this totally different approach.  Since early in 2017 we have been developing small research farm properties and consulting with experts to adapt this to the needs of Haiti.

With this expertise, the farmers can let go of slash and burn methods which cause deforestation and land degradation which happens during the heavy rainy season through severe soil erosion.

Our vision is that one farm at a time, fertility will return to the land and one community at a time trees will be planted and protected until the countryside is transformed from a place of scarcity into a place of abundance.

The major obstacles to this project are as follows:

  1. Severe poverty and lack of resources available in the country, especially for the average farmer.
  2. Frequent civil unrest making travel and commerce difficult.
  3. Severe soil degradation, compaction and hostile growing conditions making seed germination rates low for certain trees and plants.
  4. High illiteracy rates and missing basic education.

Global Freedom Project believes all these challenges can be overcome with two things.  First is a handful of enthusiastic Haitians who are willing and able to experiment and adapt the syntropic principles on their own farmland or garden.  The second is a set of easy to understand educational materials (books, videos, workshops and practical exercises) that can transfer the wisdom of this holistic approach in a way that creates obviously better results.  Roger Gietzen is actively finishing the educational materials and life/God is taking care of the enthusiastic team members.  Thank you to all who have and will help support this work through your funding.  This project’s success will be the result of a large team of willing helpers.

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